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Swivel Steel Clips with Lock No.9 10 Pcs

Swivel Steel Clips with Lock No.9   10 Pcs
Swivel Steel Clips with Lock No.9 10 Pcs
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The package includes 10 swivels with locking clips. Locked swivels with clip are very important interconnection materials used in fishing. The reason it is locked is the 90 degree bend at the end of the steel wire, which allows us to flexibly open and close the clip. The curled end under overload makes it difficult to open the clip.


How to use the swivel with locked clip?

        You tie it to the line that comes out of your cane. With its clip, you can easily attach and remove your anchor and other fishing gear, saving the trouble of knotting.

        If you use a swivel clip between your lead and your fishing line to sink your fishing gear, the lead will not touch the fishing line and will not be damaged or broken. In addition, you can install and remove the lead in a practical weight.

        Due to its swiveling, it prevents your line from twisting and scaling during water movements and winding-releasing processes.

ATTENTION PLEASE! : The number of fishing equipment such as swivel, needle comes from the American AWG measurement system. It is formulated according to values ​​such as rounding diameters and thickness. It is difficult to calculate which number corresponds to how many centimeters, because the technical data such as rolling diameters and wire thicknesses of the manufacturers vary. However, you can use the table below to have approximate lengths in mind. Actual measurements may show lower or more than shown. This table is only intended to help you compare, unfortunately you cannot expect the data to be 100% accurate.

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