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Balık Malzemeleri

Brand: HB Model: MM501
The content of our sets has been prepared according to the target species, hunting and user characteristics. You can choose short straws to use from boat or pier, or you can head to our surf sets for throwing away. This fishing tackle is one of the best selling and legendary fishing tackle of Spot F..
Ex Tax:24.25TL
Brand: HB Model: MM502
Fishing Set (Reel Fishing Rod, Fishing Set, Needle Kit)A practical set that you can always carry easily in the trunk or bag of your car, you can fish wherever and whenever you wantA practical set for family use is an ideal fishing set for adults or children. Fishing, which is one of the most fun and..
Ex Tax:10.75TL
Brand: HB Model: MM503
Michigan Economic Fishing Tackle Set (40 Pieces)You have a fishing pole and a machine but if you don't have basic fishing equipment, this set is for youA set of materials and tools prepared with materials suitable for general fishing. Ready-made fishing gear, artificial bait, needles, lead, fishing ..
Ex Tax:28.20TL
Brand: HB Model: MM504
Evostar Float Ready Shuttle Team 3 Pack5no needle - 0.16mm, 7no needle - 0.18mm, 9no needle - 0.20mm 6mt fishing line, Ready-made shuttle kit consisting of wood float and pulley...
Ex Tax:1.60TL
Brand: HB Model: MM505
Resim bilgi amaçlıdır  -  image is for information purposesMarka, Adet, Ağırlık ve Diğer Özellikler Stok Durumuna göre farklılık gösterebilir.Brand, Number , Weight and Other Features may be differ according to Stock StatusMenşe Türkiye,Avrupa Birliği Ülkeleri yada DiğerMade in T..
Ex Tax:12.00TL
Brand: HB Model: MM506
The package includes 10 swivels with locking clips. Locked swivels with clip are very important interconnection materials used in fishing. The reason it is locked is the 90 degree bend at the end of the steel wire, which allows us to flexibly open and close the clip. The curled end under overload ma..
Ex Tax:2.52TL
Brand: HB Model: MM507
Properties...     Fiber fiber, Telescopic design     Non-magnetic stainless fishing line guide rings     DNS machine slot     Fill tip     Number of Pieces 6     Number of rings 5     60-120 Gr A..
Ex Tax:28.55TL
Brand: HB Model: MM508
The machine is suitable for winding, quality and economic. The size of 0.50 and above is suitable for use as main body in boat fishing. Can be used on tools and scraping and ready tools..
Ex Tax:7.90TL
Brand: HB Model: MM509
It is used in bait tools, anchors and long fishing lines. Depending on the condition of the depth and current, the weight should be installed to allow the tool to descend at right angles to the bottom...
Ex Tax:3.09TL
Brand: HB Model: MM511
It is an extremely durable and practical triple needle that you can use in many fishing with different number options. Sharp and pointed structure will help you catch your prey easily. It provides a long service life with its durable structure.There are 6 pieces in the package...
Ex Tax:10.10TL
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